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AgileBA® – Top 5 reasons to get qualified in 2021


Ideal for those either managing projects or working in the project environment, AgileBA® – or Agile Business Analyst – is increasingly in demand – here’s why:

  1. It’s a great addition to an AgilePM® qualification – the concepts and context are shared, but the AgileBA® qualification enables you to step into the business analyst role in an Agile project environment. And here’s the bonus, business analysts tend to progress to more influential positions within their organisation!
  2. It’s especially useful in industries such as software and engineering, where complex projects are delivered and benefit from being both developed and deployed in iterative chunks to enable continuous review and input from the end user.
  3. During challenging projects, project managers can avoid becoming overwhelmed by budgets, schedules and reports if they have the support of a business analyst – you become a valued asset!
  4. Business analysts are often key for cutting through any confusion re scope, requirements or testing, in addition to maintaining open lines of communication in the event of a breakdown.
  5. Business analysts often find they can offer their services on a specialist basis – scoping and cost-benefit analysis are sought after management consultancy skills. As far as career prospects are concerned, it’s a no brainer!

For more information on APMG International’s AgileBA certification or to book a place on a course, go to  http://www.bmc.ac.uk/courses/agileba/   or call 0117 949 1500. For 15% off our next AgileBA course, please quote ref. AGBA15 when booking by telephone or email, or simply book online with a credit or debit card (click here).