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Building Effective
Business Relationships

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About the course

Whether you are working in a large organisation delivering projects and programmes, or in a small company dealing with suppliers, building effective business relationships is essential. This course gives you the opportunity to learn and try out the skills you need for yourself, and provides a rich experience with
real-life case studies.

Many of the courses on offer in the business world promote the requirement for “building relationships” and creating a network for change; what they often miss, however, is how to build these relationships – this course fills the gap.

Learn how to build successful relationships from the advice of the experienced and successful practitioner who will present the material to you in a stimulating and engaging way.

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Who should take the course?

The course is aimed at those wishing to become leaders in business and those involved in delivering projects, programmes or any change in business. It is equally suitable for people who are already leading and want to enhance their existing skills.

It will be useful for those moving from the Public sector to the Private sector and vice versa, providing choices about flexibility in communication approach.

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Benefits – individual?

You will learn how to build effective relationships in business which will support you to achieve your goals.

The course will expand your communication flexibility and improve your self-awareness which will be critical in assuring your success in business.

You will:

  • Develop awareness of others; how people think, learn, communicate.
  • Develop awareness of yourselves; how do others perceive you? How are you communicating?
  • How do you perform at your best? How do you deal with challenge?
  • Learn about the presuppositions top business performers use that change their behaviour,
  • attitude and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Develop well-formed outcomes.
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Benefits – organisation?

Organisations are built on effective relationships. Your organisation will be flexing and changing to adapt to the rapid changes in the world e.g. new technology. Your staff will need to be equipped to work effectively together, communicate clearly and deliver your goals.

This course provides the foundations for building effective relationships which will be key to your success.

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Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance confirming that they have successfully completed the “Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming” Level 1.

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Key Features

  • Active listening.
  • How do you communicate?
  • What do the top performers in business do?
  • Working more effectively with people who have more challenging styles or styles that are different to yours.
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