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Cyber & Information Security

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About the course

This intensive one day awareness course is non-technical and designed to enable business executives to improve their understanding of the business critical issues of cyber and information security, the threats they face, their vulnerabilities and what can be done to mitigate the risks.  Current opportunities and how to plan appropriate investment in line with risk appetite and tolerance are explained and the course informs delegates about cyber techniques and their real-world consequences. Delegates will receive essential training on all relevant current legislation and regulation they need to be aware of as well as options for insurance cover. In addition, delegates will learn and experience the methodologies that attackers adopt to breach security and exploit vulnerabilities.

The aim is for delegates to leave with both an understanding of the strategic importance of cyber security, including the potential impacts on their business as well as a clear plan as to what needs to be in place to protect their business interests.

This cyber security training course has been developed in conjunction with Regency IT, a leading cyber and information security consultancy.

Recent reviews:
February 2019 – “Excellent intensive short course for improving knowledge of cyber security and how to manage the risks – would definitely recommend.”
September 2018 –  “Trainer knowledgeable on content area and approachable re questions”.
“The course highlighted a lot of areas [in my organisation] which need addressing”
“Recommended for colleagues considering cyber/strategic management as a career and also those looking at risk management.”
“Clear course materials with useful bullet points for future reference.”
June 2018 – “Great general overview of cyber risk.”
“Ideal for those at senior management/Board level looking to understand the issues and responsibilities to drive the strategy, without getting bogged down in the technical detail.”


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Who should take the course?

This course is aimed at senior management operating at or just below board level or those who are responsible for the effective management of business risk within the organisation. Information risk, including cyber risk, has become a significant consideration but is too often left in the hands of specialists lower down the organisation without oversight by the main board who control the investment required to defend against cyber risk.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to cyber risk, from which delegates can develop their knowledge further as they wish.  

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Benefits – individual?

Cyber & Information Security will introduce you to the basic concepts of information security and the legal & regulatory environment which influences its management. It will provide you with an insight into what vulnerabilities may exist within your organisation, how an attacker might try to exploit this and how to both assess the risks you face and manage them on an ongoing basis; the course will also look at preparation to deal with a security breach. Finally, it will allow Senior Management to share their experiences and to network. Taken together, this will provide individuals with a better appreciation of their responsibilities as a board member in relation to the security of information, including personal data, held by their organisation.


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Benefits – organisation?

Cyber security is an increasing concern for organisations of all sizes and types. Media reports about cyber breaches are a regular occurrence and reports compiled by authoritative sources indicate that breaches are increasing both in number and severity year on year; the bottom line is that cyber breaches cost in remediation work, lost sales and loss of reputation, ultimately affecting the value of the business and the position of the board members. Organisations need to recognise and address information risk effectively within their business.

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Attendees will receive a Certificate from BMC to confirm completion of the Cyber & Information Security course.


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Key Features

During this one-day course, our highly experienced instructors will develop your understanding of the essential elements of cyber security using lectures, expansive course notes and interactive question sessions to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the day.

  • Law & Regulation
  • Governance
  • Asset Valuation
  • Vulnerabilities – technical and non-technical
  • Common Methods of Attack
  • Breach Impact and Consequences
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Business Resilience
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