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Financial Accounting for

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About the course

Financial Accounting for non-Accountants is a course designed to simplify and bring to life an area often seen as a dull subject. The aim here is to get the information across in a stimulating and entertaining manner, without losing any of the required rigour. The consistent popularity of the course over the years shows how effective this approach has been. The lecturers involved have a wealth of business experience to draw on and a particularly attractive feature is the way in which they use this experience to illustrate and emphasise the subject matter.

Financial Accounting for Non-Accountants explores the accounting function and its relationship with other business activities. It examines the nature and scope of financial accounting, accounting conventions and standards and the interpretation and analysis of company accounts. It is highly interactive and participation by course delegates is actively encouraged. Delivery involves the use of a comprehensive specially written manual, lectures, practical exercises, case study material and videos.

FAFNA is part (2 days) of the 4.5 day Success in Financial Management course.

Recent reviews:
September 2019 – “Very concise, covers lots of material in a short time, taught excellently.”
March 2019 – “Philip is a great tutor, lots of knowledge and experience which he’s able to draw on as examples to explain a point – really impressed.”
January 2019 – “The tutor was patient, very informative and knowledgeable.”
September 2018 – “A practical review of accounts in an environment you can feel happy to ask questions in.” “Philip’s explanations of topics I vaguely understood has made them much clearer in my mind.”
“The group size allowed lots of instructor/student interaction and visualisation of concepts assisted my understanding in an area normally outside my comfort zone!”
“A holistic approach to financial management, with useful examples to illustrate the workings. Philip is very clear and concise in his teaching methods.”
“One of the best aspects was the introduction on how to properly read balance sheets and trade accounts – amazing what was achieved after one day!”
“Often courses are really theoretical and I’ve been really impressed at how practical this is.”
“It has taken me from very little starting knowledge to being confident that I understand the principles and application of finance and management accounting.”

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Who should take the course?

This course is an essential starting point for those wanting to understand the language used by accountants and how financial statements fit together. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

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Benefits – individual?

The course is designed to enable managers to demonstrate a better understanding of financial management and accounting process, this will allow them to play a more active role in helping their organisation to achieve its objectives.

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Benefits – organisation?

All staff within a business, company, partnership or charitable organisation should have an understanding of business finance and language in order to contribute to their organisation’s success.

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Candidates will receive a certificate of attendance expressing that they have successfully completed an overview of the financing processes.

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Key Features

  • Introduction to financial accounting
  • The recording and reporting of financial information
  • The Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • The analysis and interpretation of company accounts
  • Business ratios/Indicators of performance and financial position
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Success Series

For delegates wanting to take Financial Accounting for Non-Accountants as part of the Success Series, ‘Success in Financial Management’ should be booked.  Our Success Series gives our delegates the option to work towards a CMI Level 7 (MBA-level) Award at no additional cost to the chosen course.

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