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About the course

ITIL® is a framework for the best practice delivery of services to customers.

In essence ITIL® is a series of courses designed to lead learners in gaining an understanding of the best way to deliver services to customers in whatever market sector. ITIL’s heart is with the delivery of IT services to customers although it is widely accepted that it is not just about the delivery of IT services but services in all forms. Therefore, ITIL® represents the best practices for Service Management.

What is Service Management? 

Consider Water…. When you turn on a tap water comes out. It should be clear, clean; available on demand and fit to drink…. That is the service you pay for.

Service Management is the series of processes, procedures, functions and activities that deliver it – to your tap; in the state you require, in the quantities you need, whether you are a single person in a flat or a farmer or horticulturalist using thousands of gallons every day. It requires the same level of detail, effort and management, just on a differing scale.

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Who should take the course?

Anyone who delivers any kind of service, to a customer; originally ITIL was specifically about IT Services however we live in a fast evolving service culture and therefore Service Management is not only applicable to any size or type of organisation it is now becoming regarded as the ‘expected way’ of delivering services.

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Benefits – individual?

A qualification in the ‘best’ way to deliver (IT) services to customers, the qualification is life-long and recognised worldwide.

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Benefits – organisation?

  • An understanding of, and a consistent and measurable way of delivering services to customers.
  • A common language of service delivery.
  • Employees all focussed upon delivering value to their customers and utilising the same terms.


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The foundation course is ideal for anyone starting out on a career in delivering services to customers or seeking to improve the delivery of services to customers.

There is no pre-requisite to attending this course, as it is open to anyone.

The ITIL® foundation course is an ideal companion qualification to the PRINCE2.

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Key Features

The five key areas are:

Service Strategy – What is the service(s) offered, why and what rules, obligations and business requirements must they satisfy? What is the corporate objective, how does the service affect that and where are they jointly heading? Are all questions that Service Strategy should answer.


Service Design - The detail of the services, what functionality should they have, what is the measure of the quality delivered - what constitutes good service, how should the service look, what shape, style, colour, type of service should be offered and all the preparation necessary to deliver the service into the “live” world.


Service Transition - This looks at the activities needed to “give birth” to the service or to remove legacy services; following the directions from Service Design. Service Transition builds, procures or develops or moves the services in line with the design directives and then moves smoothly in to the production/live arena to deliver the product/service to the agreed criteria whilst ensuring that all the stages of delivery are completed, managed and documented to ensure not only seamless delivery but also smooth ongoing support.


Service Operations is key area that receives the product/ services from Service Transitions and adheres to the quality criteria specified in Service Strategy and defined in Service Design and manages the product/ service on a day to day basis. Service Operations are responsible for resolving any issues throughout the lifetime the service remains in the production/live environment. Even though this is effectively the fourth stage in the lifecycle this is where the value of the work done but the Strategy, Design and Transition teams is truly felt. This for most users of the service is the service, they don’t; indeed some would argue, shouldn’t see the work completely by the other areas.


The final element is Continual Service Improvement. ITIL is about delivering quality services. Quality requirements change, adapt and evolve. Therefore Service Management ensures that each process for delivering the service is being constantly measured and reviewed. Can we make it better? Can it be done faster, cheaper, with increased quality?

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Success Series

For delegates wanting to take ITIL as part of the Success Series, ‘Success in IT Service Management’ should be booked.  Our Success Series gives our delegates the option to work towards a CMI Level 7 (MBA-level) Award at no additional cost to the chosen qualification. All delegates using ELC funding should select this option.

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