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APMG International Change

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About the course

The APMG International Change Management course has been developed by APMG in partnership with the Change Management Institute to help organisations and their staff successfully manage the impact of change.

The course content is based upon the 13 ‘knowledge areas’ of the Change Management Institute’s Change Management Body of Knowledge as reflected in The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook.

It is designed to help you understand effective leadership and management throughout change activities aligned to supporting individuals, teams and organisations, specifically focusing on change management practices including communications and stakeholder management.

Our highly regarded Practitioner and Integrated courses are structured so that the Practitioner exam is taken in the classroom directly after the training element (as per Foundation but at the end of the week). We prefer this approach to the post course online exam booking system as it ensures that the course content is fresh in the mind and enables delegates to leave having completed both the course and examination.

*BMC are proud to have maintained a 100% pass rate on our public schedule courses at both Foundation and Practitioner levels for this course over the last two years! (2017/2018)*

Recent reviews:
September 2019 – “Amazing instruction on a difficult subject. Learnt a lot from Julie; very professional and supportive.” “Just to reinforce how much I appreciated your vignettes, patience and room control. There was a lot to cover but you hit just the right notes and tone.”
“Passionate, engaging instructor with a great learning ratio approach.”
June 2019 – “Julie was one of the best trainers I’ve ever had, probably the best. She made the course very accessible, fun and easy to digest with lots of variety in her teaching style. And all the while keeping us punctual and structured. Thanks!”
“Julie is brilliant, a perfect combination of professional whilst also flexible and interesting.”
“Julie brought the subject to life and was super patient with questions. Directions were clear and the style was fun but business-like – well pitched.”
May 2019 – “Julie was a fantastic trainer. It is clear [she] is vastly experienced in this field and provided example after example to bring the topic to life. There was always lots of time to discuss further and ask as many questions as you liked.”
March 2019 – “Julie made the course highly engaging, interesting and fun!”
“Would definitely recommend – many senior colleagues, plus those in communication and operations, would benefit from studying the subject to understand the topic.”
January 2019 – “Really enjoyed the course, though a lot to learn in 3 days [Foundation only]” ” Would recommend to others and advise them to prepare well in advance!”
October 2018 – “Really enjoyed my time this week! Julie is fantastic and is really enthusiastic! The BMC staff are awesome!!”
“One of the best trainers I’ve come across – delivered the course in an interactive and engaging way to cement the learning and bring the subject to life with her own experience and that of others on the course.”

To book a Foundation only course – please choose the code ending with an ‘F’, i.e. CM20/06F
To book a Practitioner only course – please choose the code ending with a ‘P’, i.e. CM20/06P
For best value, to book a combined/integrated Foundation & Practitioner course – please choose the code ending with a number, i.e. CM20/02.

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Who should take the course?

This course is aimed at all individuals involved in organisational change, including current and aspiring change managers. It can also benefit those involved in project, programme and portfolio management, those introducing change or affected by it.

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Benefits – individual?

Dealing with change and especially individuals’ reactions to it can be fraught with difficulty. This course allows you to understand the human side of change, learning how people will react, managing the reactions of change and ultimately be able to see change through a successful business transformation, (i.e. help your employees/colleagues through the Change Curve).
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Benefits – organisation?

Change is an inevitable consequence of modern-day organisational life. It may be that there has been a change of management which has new approaches, a change of employment, a new project to be undertaken or perhaps changes in the economic or legal environments in which your organisation operates.

Having well informed team members who can contribute positively on an individual and corporate level is vital. It helps mitigate the risk of failure and therefore avoid operational delays in your organisation, whilst ensuring customer demands continue to be met and building a sustainable business model.

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The Foundation level requires three days of formal instruction and runs from Monday to Wednesday. The Foundation exam is taken at the end of day three. To book a Foundation only course – please choose the code ending with an ‘F’, i.e. CM20/06F.

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The Practitioner level runs for a further one and a half days. In order to achieve the Practitioner certification (1 day of formal instruction) delegates must have achieved a 50% pass rate in the Foundation examination. This certification confirms that the candidate has achieved sufficient know-how to apply and tailor Change Management guidance in any given organisational situation. To book a Practitioner only course – please choose the code ending with a ‘P’, i.e. CM20/06P.

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The Foundation & Practitioner Integrated course fee includes the cost of the Foundation and Practitioner examinations and also the official The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook . Delegates must have achieved a pass (50%) in the Foundation exam to be eligible to sit the Practitioner exam. For best value, to book a combined/integrated Foundation & Practitioner course – please choose the code ending with a number, i.e. CM20/02.

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Key Features

  • Change and the Individual
  • Change and the Organisation
  • Communications and Stakeholder Management
  • Change Management Practise

A pre-course study pack with textbook is sent out by courier upon receipt of payment. This represents approximately 20hrs work in the form of exercises and reading.

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Success Series

For delegates wanting to take Change Management as part of the Success Series, ‘Success in Managing Change’ should be booked.  The Bristol Management Success Series gives our delegates the option to work towards a CMI Level 7 (MBA-level) Award at no additional cost to the chosen qualification. All delegates using ELC funding should note that if they select this option, they are required to attempt the Level 7 Award, which involves an element of additional independent study and completion of one assignment of c. 3,000 words, in order to satisfy ELCAS that they have completed the course.

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Book your place now - see dates & prices
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