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Cyber for Senior Leaders: Prevention is better than cure!


Bristol Management Centre is pleased to announce its GCHQ Cyber for Senior Leaders course has now been fully accredited!

 What is Cyber for Senior Leaders?

This GCHQ certified (GCT) one day training course on Cyber Security has been developed in conjunction with Regency IT and is accredited by APMG International. It is a non-technical course which enables senior leaders to better understand the business critical issues of Cyber Security, the threats they face, their vulnerabilities and what can be done to mitigate the risks. Current opportunities are covered as well as how to plan appropriate investment in line with risk appetite and tolerance.
The course is aimed at senior management operating at or just below board level who are responsible for the effective management of business risk within their organisation. Getting to grips with cyber techniques and their real-world consequences, delegates will learn and experience the methodologies attackers adopt to breach security and exploit vulnerabilities. Delegates can expect to leave with an understanding of the strategic importance of Cyber Security including the potential impacts on their business.

Why should my business be concerned with Cyber Security?

Cyber Security has been identified as a Tier 1 threat to UK interests and is an increasing concern for organisations of all sizes and types. Media reports about cyber breaches are a daily occurrence and reports compiled by authoritative sources indicate that breaches are increasing, both in number and severity year on year; the bottom line is that cyber breaches can incur substantial costs in remediation work, lost sales and impact on reputation. Recognising and addressing information risk effectively is key, particularly now that organisations and businesses which fall victim to cyber-attacks are liable for the consequences; with technological transformation comes the responsibility to safeguard the assets you hold.

This month, the Government launched a new Cyber Security initiative as part of a £1.9 billion investment designed to help protect the UK economy, its citizens and its businesses from harmful cyber-attacks. Despite this investment, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council has recently announced that UK firms could face up to £122bn in data breach fines when the new EU legislation (or its post Brexit equivalent) comes into effect in 2018. Information risk, including cyber risk, is a significant consideration yet its management and control are too often left in the hands of specialists lower down the organisation without the necessary involvement of the main Board. The good news is that you can now play a crucial role in protecting your business against cyber threats – improved awareness and understanding via the right training is the first step.

Attending this one-day course will help you steer your organisation from serious harm, prevent financial and reputational loss, protect privacy and intellectual property rights and even gain a commercial advantage. If not already, your business will almost certainly come under cyber-attack; we encourage you to act now!


For further information on Bristol Management Centre’s Cyber for Senior Leaders course, please call us on 0117 949 1500 or visit www.bmc.ac.uk/courses/cyber-for-senior-leaders.