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Developing an Emergency Services Career Transition Programme

ESCT Workshop

IMD Group and BMC are delighted to be supporting the development of a formal Emergency Services Career Transition (ESCT) programme. Although this will initially be centred on the police, it is hoped that in due course it can be rolled out to all emergency services personnel looking for support in transitioning to a new career.

Working together with the teams at State 21, (a Management Consultancy founded by former police officers), SVGC  and Leaving the Police we are looking to develop and champion a formal ESCT programme that will initially be centred on the police and will be supported by the relevant policing organisations and hopefully others from the private sector.  Whilst the Armed Services appear to have a slick operation in place to support their leavers into new career related roles, our discussions and research to date appears to suggest that the provision of support offered to police officers, staff and the wider policing family, differs, depending on where you are serving.

On Wednesday 21st February, IMD Group hosted an ESCT seminar at Bristol Management Centre, jointly organised with State 21 along with colleagues from SVGC and Leaving the Police. The event was very well attended by stakeholders from various police forces, policing bodies, staff associations and private organisations.

The consensus was that a more formal structure and set-up was required for police leavers to help to prepare them for the next stage of their working life and that some work should be done to create and propose and ultimately pilot such an outcome.

We plan to provide updates on progress and it is our joint aim is that this team, working together, will do whatever we can to provide a way forward for the wider policing family as they eventually move on to other professions, be that prior to, or on retirement from the service.