Our speaker is former Army Officer, Rod Williams. Rod Williams was a student on the Business Management Course at Bristol, as part of the Career Transition Partnership, in 2001 before he left the Army in 2002. He left from an army regimental and MOD staff officer background, with a strong grounding in project and programme management. After two enjoyable and educational stepping-stone consultancy contracts as an interim manager at The Defence Academy of the UK and the UK Hydrographic Office, he has followed a path of interim management in several medium and large size organisations, in the public and private sectors. He has particular experience of managing change in NHS provider trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and large partnerships between NHS and County/City Council organisations. He has worked in several Turnaround or Transformation programmes, often in a ‘trouble-shooting’ role. He has written the management framework for what will be two of the largest transformations in the NHS over the next five years. Rod’s interests include the relationship between the theory and practice of leadership and management, and the ‘knowing-doing gap’. Part of his approach is to appreciate the cultural environment for leadership and management and to help change it in order to make it easier for others to succeed.

“If most people in business knew as much about leadership as you, or had the same integrity, they would probably admit that, for them, leadership is not an essential. But leadership is one of your key advantages over your civilian competitors when you go for a job. You will want to exploit this advantage but you have to sell it to people who hardly recognise it. In this session I’ll offer you some learning from my experience since I sat in your place in 2002. This is not ‘How to lead in business.’ It is some reflection from a variety of business environments and a variety of results – some good, some not so good, some mixed. If we have time, I’ll suggest some areas you may be interested to think about further or discuss in Q&A.

In brief, this seminar will cover

• the leadership legacy from my Service

• some differences in culture outside the Services

• some personal reflections

The seminar commences at 17:30 hours and is scheduled to run for about an hour. There will be a cheese and wine reception before the event and networking afterwards. Please drop Jo Sansum a brief email if you would like to attend [email protected]