Rob Sutherland was a Major in the British Army until early 2017, having completed resettlement training towards the end of 2016. He is now a Partner of Mount Sterling Wealth Management Company, which has offices in York and Mayfair.

Aware that many delegates will be involved in business when they either complete their training or leave the Services, he is able to share his own knowledge and experience of handling responsibility for pensions (both in terms of the need to fund your own personal pension and involvement with company pensions), company investments, trusts, insurance and tax planning.

The aim is to raise awareness of these aspects of business, though Mount Sterling Wealth are also happy to offer a no-obligation one hour free consultation to chat through either your business concerns or personal wealth issues.

Please note that:
Bristol Management Centre Ltd (BMC) is in no way affiliated to, nor endorses, the services provided by Mount Sterling Wealth or any employee/partner thereof, or any other financial planning service provider.   Delegates attending courses at BMC should be aware that there are many providers of financial advice/services available in the open market.  BMC does not accept any responsibility in respect of advice given or services provided by Mount Sterling Wealth either during this session or subsequent to it.