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Answers To Your ELC Questions

Which Project Management course?
This year at Bristol Management Centre, we are celebrating 40 years of providing MOD-approved , in-Service and Resettlement Training. In the last 20 years we have helped over 13,500 people with the resettlement process and to mark this occasion, we’ve drawn up a list of FAQs to help you with your resettlement process…

1. Why should I do further training?
Gaining a new qualification gives the best possible start to resettlement and prepares you for a successful future in a civilian role. It is important to choose the right training course to enable you to achieve your future career goals. Training provides you with the skills and terminology necessary for a smooth transition to a management career in the civilian workplace.
At Bristol Management Centre (BMC) we can advise you of the best career path moving forward. We offer many approaches to learning and have many years’ experience of the Enhanced Learning Accredited Scheme (ELCAS) and recommending the right training for delegates. Your ELC funding can be used towards recognised and accredited qualifications which will increase your chances of securing your perfect role.

2.  How do I know which ELC tier I am eligible to claim for?
You are required to have completed a minimum of four years’ Service in order to receive lower tier funding (you were required to still be serving as of 01/04/2004 to claim at this tier). For higher tier claims, you are required to complete a minimum of eight years’ Service.3. What is the difference between lower and higher tier ELC funding?
On the lower tier of funding you are entitled to claim 80% of the cost of a course up to a maximum of £1000. For the higher tier, this increases to £2000 per claim.4. How many claims can I make in total?
You are entitled to make a maximum of three ELC claims in total (but only one ELC claim per financial year) for up to five years after service.5. When does the financial year run?
The financial year runs from 1 April – 31 March. This means that a claim for a course  date of 31/03/2016 would fall within the financial year 2015/16 and from 01/04/2016 you would be able to claim again for a course starting in financial year 2016/17.

6. How do I make a claim?
i. Reserve a place on your chosen course (we will send you emailed paperwork containing all the information you require to make your ELC application).
ii. Give or email the paperwork to your Resettlement Officer (or equivalent) and complete an ELC Application form using the information. You can also discuss other streams of funding, such as IRTC, (which many delegates use for their deposit/personal contribution and the accommodation costs from the T & S Purse).
iii. Once you have the CAN, you can confirm your place on the course and settle the initial deposit and this will trigger release of any pre-course materials/joining instructions from us.
iv. Attend the course and ensure you give relevant feedback, as per the ELCAS website.

7. Why choose Bristol Management Centre as your resettlement provider?
We believe in the value of great quality learning and development; We select only the best trainers who are passionate about what they teach and really bring the courses to life whilst giving you real-life examples. With BMC, it’s about a learning experience that is engaging, relevant and rewarding. We are accredited by APM, APMG International, Axelos and CMI.
Our 40+ years’ experience of providing Learning and Development solutions can help you put together tailored CTP-approved, ELC eligible packages, boost your career, become a qualified expert in your field and make a smooth transition into a civilian role. There are huge benefits in seeking employment with an organisation that understands the value of continuous learning and development.
8. What is the BMC Success Series?
Our Success Series has been specifically developed to provide our resettlement delegates with an added advantage. All of our internationally recognised qualifications are available as part of the Success Series, meaning that not only will you receive your chosen accredited qualification (such as PRINCE2®, AgilePM®, MSP®, APMG International Change Management™) you will also have the option to complete assignments to work towards a CMI Level 7 Award, Certificate, Diploma or Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. All the courses at the Bristol Management Centre qualify for ELC support because they are accredited at Level 7 on the QCF. The relevant Success course title is available on all individual course pages.
If you are interested in booking a course or still have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly team on 0117 949 1500. (They are on hand to make the whole process easier and provide you with the paperwork necessary to raise your CAN) Alternatively, come and say hello at the BFRS Careers and Transition Event in Catterick!
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